As With Anything, These Are The Safety Tips For Pressure Washing

The ideal range for pressure washing is not more than 200 psi, though as low as 150 is recommended for spots that are difficult to reach or to areas that require a longer, more intensive higher-pressure wash. There are safety factors to consider when working with pressure washers that should be considered:

1. Wear protective gear, such as a good pair of goggles, a dust mask and ear protection.

2. Use a turbine power washer with a powder binder on the hose & detergent compartment for double protection.

3. Take precautions when using any type of power tool – including driving the pointy bit in under high pressure – so you won’t cut your hand.

4. Mark the surface to be cleaned with a piece of paper to keep the distance of the wash away from any nearby fixtures, such as a siding window or shingled roof edges.

5. Keep the entire area covered to avoid getting any sparks or embers from any source fires or melting plastic from any hot pots or cans on the ground.

6. Test the pressure washer by washing a bare surface with water and using a plastic yardstick to measure the effect.

7. Always have water available for a quick fix to an over-full tank.

8. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Also be cautious of any metal surfaces that you are cleaning – especially when working with hot water.

All sorts of debris, such as shingle grit and granules that can accumulate in your gutters & could become caught by your pressure washing Hattiesburg, Ms, may also build up in the bottom of the gutter system. This build-up can cause a potential fire hazard and is not recommended to be taken lightly. Consider having a professional inspect the gutter system and any loose or damaged areas. If you are working with damaged or loose parts, be sure to clean the damaged parts and have a professional inspect and repair the damage.

While cleaning your gutters may not be the most exciting or glamorous chore on a home-owners’ to-do list, keeping up with this chore goes toward protecting your home. The last thing you want to experience is waking up to the big old gutter chock full of dead animals and your home left wide open for all of them.