What to Look For To Determine If Your Roof Is Damaged After a Storm

According to Patrick Wallace of River Oaks Construction, there are usually clear signals indicating roof damage.

For example, if you get a drip from your ceiling, it usually means there’s damage somewhere. It may be many microdots or a dent, or it may be a drive pool.

If you see a chink in your roof when it’s raining, watch out. This is a sign that the roof actually is leaking and may be taking water in where it isn’t supposed to.

If you see pieces of your shingles or shakes, this could mean that wind damage has put voids in your shingles or shakes. This can lead to more damaged areas. Like if there are small areas you can see through, this means the water isn’t properly drained. If you see bigger dents, your roof is in a state of disrepair. These larger dents mean that the roof has big temperature fluctuations which can lead to more splitting.

Other signs that your roof needs to be examined include, cracked or curling shingles, missing shingles, dime-sized holes in your roof, flame/steam vents, white streaks inside your home (Flames caused by heat), and caulking around interior joints that have pulled loose (prematurely aging coats of wood).

How do I know if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Well to be brief, you can test for roof damage yourself by just standing in the middle of your attic and taking a bright flame and holding it in the center of your house. You will see the interior of your home with a bit of smoke coming through. If you are doubly sure, start thinking about how long summertime leaks, landscaping problems, lack of insulation, and even past sagging of your roof system.

What is the cost of roof repair or replacement?

There are several factors to take into account. The most expensive guys are the top of the line roofers in Madison, Ms because they will bring a van and a crew together to do the work. If this is affordable, then there is absolutely no reason why any other homeowner in the market for a roof replacement shouldn’t look into doing it themselves.

Just to clear up, it is important not to try to ‘do it yourself’ if you are unsure of what you are doing because of any of the above-mentioned issues. Ask someone with experience for help.